Early spring hikes

Hello out there,
To start, let me show you where I’ve been lately.

A week ago Thursday, 4/21, I took Finn out to Mt June for a sunny hike. Little did I know, the last 3.5 miles of road was patchy with snow. Rather than get my little truck stuck I decided to hike in. We caught some gorgeous views, enjoyed some of the last  snow fall, and made it down quite soggy and sore.

Wednesday, 4/27, we went up Mt Pisgah after work, taking advantage of the later sunsets and the nearby-ness of a good jaunt. Sure was brisk at the top, not a night to linger, but the clouds made for some interesting rays of light falling on the surrounding fields. What a gorgeous valley I live in. This was just what I wanted, to soak up more of the glorious Willamette Valley panorama.

Hiked up again Sunday, May day. Such a clear and warm day, we could see the last bits of snow on the surrounding peaks. Turning into summer here in the valley.

Thursday, 4/28, was rainy, so we chose a wooded hike up the Goodman Creek trail. We made it almost to Mt Hardesty, but without my trusty Sullivan book, we turned back not knowing how close we came, only 0.7 miles to go! It was great hiking along the water, crossing it several times, listening to the tumbling stream. Very mushy, mucky trail this time of year, but the trilliums are out, fabulous whites and pinks, but especially the purples were fabulous. We also ran across a whole field of yellow somethings, growing off a cabbage-like leaf, huge stamen, never seen them before, but quite a sight.

More day-hikes to come, as well as hopefully some weekend trips including camping. Please comment with recommendations if you have any. :)


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