Dollars, pounds, and other currency…

I’m starting to get some serious butterflies about my looming move and the approaching deadlines. I’m waiting for a housing/classmate list in July, a reply from the U of Greenwich regarding financial aid and what my next step is to find my US government aid amount, which precedes visa applications, which precedes plane-ticket-buying, etc etc. I feel like it’s all going to be a cascade effect, but I’m still stuck at step one.

The European School of Osteopathy ( is a partner school accredited by the University of Greenwich ( So while my interview and acceptance has to do with ESO, the details are dealt with via the large, take-a-number UoG.

I’ve found that all e-mail correspondence is answered within 4 weeks.

I’ve also discovered that the Osteopathic Education Foundation, which at first was rumored to provide up to 1/3 of my tuition loan amount, now looks like it’s less-than-likely to cover anything for me, due to the fact that they typically expect you to stay in UK for a certain period after program completion, but based on visa regulations that will be more difficult to do. I also hope to spend a little time in New Zealand or possibly Australia when I’m done. Back to square one.

I’ve also discovered I will, at best, get 2/3 of my total needed financing through dept of education loans. Which means there’s another $10K that has to come from somewhere else. All scholarship searches have ruled me out thus far. Also excluded from an Oregon savings grant which matches saved money x3! If you’re interested in saving money for school or career betterment, and staying in Oregon, ask me who to call.

Not to mention moving… ugh! Not only do I have to find a place, pack and ship whatever things I can’t part with, and mail myself. I also have to learn about things like council tax, money conversion, listing by weekly rate vs monthly, and so on. Luckily I’ve been there and know roughly where I want to exist. But finding something affordable in the charming village of Boxley ( is going to take some luck!

So in a nut-shell, I’m making progress, but it’s pretty much all behind the scenes still. No concrete answers for a few weeks at least. Always interested in a good grant/scholarship/funding lead, if anyone has traveled abroad, knows of any flexible grants, or has a hit on some winning lottery numbers. :)


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