Looming deadlines…

Greenwich High Road, London.

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Well, here I am, working closer to my alleged departure date, and still things are unclear. Can’t get a visa without financial aid (proof I can afford to live without state aid). Can’t get financial aid processed without applying (European School of Osteopathy accepted me, but apparently I have to complete the whole application process with U of Greenwich as well, who knew?!). So now I wait for my 2nd application to be accepted so I can get financial aid numbers for the visa committee. Continue reading


Summited x 2 !

Last week I got a 5-day weekend. To celebrate, on Friday I did a big hike. 13 miles actually. What a day for it!

Finn and I headed up to Mt June, and discovered a logging project just below the trailhead. They were kind enough to move the heavy machinery out of the road to let us roll through, and also serenaded us at the first lookout. We caught up with a family of hikers there who saw a black bear on their drive in!

The view from the top was amazing, such a clear day, we could see for miles. But since we were on a mission, Continue reading