Summited x 2 !

Last week I got a 5-day weekend. To celebrate, on Friday I did a big hike. 13 miles actually. What a day for it!

Finn and I headed up to Mt June, and discovered a logging project just below the trailhead. They were kind enough to move the heavy machinery out of the road to let us roll through, and also serenaded us at the first lookout. We caught up with a family of hikers there who saw a black bear on their drive in!

The view from the top was amazing, such a clear day, we could see for miles. But since we were on a mission, we didn’t linger longer than enough time to snap a few pics.

Back down a quarter mile, then across the sawtooth trail, SO worth it! A great hike for the exercise, since the trail goes up and down (aptly named), and after a couple of miles opens into steep mountain meadow. If we weren’t on a mission, this is where we would have spent the afternoon.

We continued on, past a former mountain lion den (so the family we passed said), heard some deer rutting, a squawk that could’ve been a baby puma, and passed a few more signs that showed we were on the right track. Sometime after the viewpoint on/around Hardesty we didn’t find a “small loop” Bill Sullivan mentions in his book. I think the cement square with a little tin hut on top signified the summit, and we looped around back to a water feature and on to another meadow. Guess we took the scenic route. We ended up turning around and hiking out the same way we came in. A very gorgeous day.

Sunday we had another nice hike up the Fox Hollow trail from east Amazon to the top of Spencer’s Butte. A good way to work out the soreness from the last hike, and another epic clear-day-view.


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