Looming deadlines…

Greenwich High Road, London.

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Well, here I am, working closer to my alleged departure date, and still things are unclear. Can’t get a visa without financial aid (proof I can afford to live without state aid). Can’t get financial aid processed without applying (European School of Osteopathy accepted me, but apparently I have to complete the whole application process with U of Greenwich as well, who knew?!). So now I wait for my 2nd application to be accepted so I can get financial aid numbers for the visa committee.

I’ve been waiting somewhat patiently to get the housing list the school puts together, which has finally been released. Also going to be a process, since there aren’t any pictures and ads appear to be composed by landlords, so the content is somewhat sparse. Some don’t have email addresses, so I’ll have to get a calling card. Guess I have to figure that piece out soon enough anyway.

Still looking at Sept. 10-ish as my departure date. School starts Sept 26, same as UO. Each term is 12 weeks, with a 3 week break between terms, and 10 week summer vacation. http://www.eso.ac.uk/term-dates.html

I’m planning a casual going away party for August 25th. Details are coming soon, but I’m looking at 2:00-9:00pm, location TBD. Hope to see everyone! :)

Stay tuned…


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