The countdown is on! sort of…

One by one, the checklist is getting shorter. Much shorter! Most recently I’ve found a fabulous home for my fabulous Finn, sold a whole bunch of my material world in 3 days of yard sales, and mailed off my visa application to the consulate in New York. The maximum return time is 8 days, according to their website, so I’m only 3 days out, and then I can buy plane tickets! Hard to countdown without a departure date, but due to a great camping/bbq invite, I’m looking at early the week of 9/11.
Two fabulous going away parties later, I’m starting to feel sentimental pretty much all the time. Everyone I run into makes me think it could be the last face time. Trying to get the word out about this blog so I don’t “lose” people in the process (please feel free to share my blog address with anyone who is interested). Hard to up and leave such a great thing. I really have been blessed in Eugene, so many wonderful people have come into my life, taught me, shared with me, blessed me. It is not without grief that I leave this place. I’m lucky to have found a calling that doesn’t give me a moment’s hesitation, and I can follow through because I know, someday, I will be back here.



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