Some solid answers

Things are coming together, last minute as usual, but I can’t say I’m surprised. It looks like it I might get everything on my wish list. Almost everything.

After 4 attempts, the UPS man finally delivered my freshly-minted UK visa. A nice sticker with my picture pasted on page 15. Valid until July 2015. Wow.

Delta airlines will be expecting me on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011. EUG to SLC to MSP to LHR just after midday. Return is July 9, just in time for OCF.

The next village a mile west “down a nice lane” is Delting, where I have inquired about a room to rent. I would board with a couple in a vegan/vegetarian house, complete with 3 boxers and 10 chickens. If I get the room, this will be home while I’m getting settled, and hopefully the farm house will work out for this winter.

Visa. Plane ticket. Landing place. In a matter of hours I’ve had three big things shift into place. Things that I started working toward in April. When it’s meant to be it just happens I guess.

Now if only I could take that man…


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