England is full of surprises

I ordered the taco…



Year 1, Term 1

Four weeks down, one more to go, then reading week. This is new to me, a week of at half term to study. I feel like we’ve only just begun. I also feel like I’ve been here for ages already. Funny thing, time perception. Continue reading

Holland Road

Only a contract away from my new basement flat! The complete bottom floor of a refurbished terraced house near downtown Maidstone, it has a lot of potential. The pictures give an estimate, but as the owners haven’t finished their work yet, it’s far from complete. Once they finish I will be doing some painting, furnishing obviously, and then trying my hand at decorating. I have big ideas for the place, and a rare opportunity to begin all new. I’ve been looking into sofa beds, as it’s a studio now, with a large bedroom to be remodeled sometime in the next several months. Also trying to dream up a good color scheme. After spending so much time in warm, comfortable spaces designed by Linda O. over the past few years, I have a feeling in mind more than a palate. Hopefully I can hit my mark! Let’s do a virtual tour! Continue reading

Boxley roaming ~

I had big plans for a post a day in October, to join in the WordPress challenge, but having my internet out for a week severely hindered that. I’m still up for it through the end of the month, but we’ll see how that goes.

Yesterday’s weather turned lovely just in time for a walk with friends from school. Partly following printout directions, and partly just following our noses, Continue reading


My program is great. Mostly I have teachers who really seem to love what they do, to have an investment in Osteopathy and what it is meant to be. They have differing perspectives and a variety of teaching styles, but for the most part they all sound really interested in the future of the profession and creating thinking practitioners who are individuals, practicing according to a strong set of personal values and beliefs, rather than a short list of dogma.

This is only the second week after all.

Soon we’ll get deep into theory, philosophy, and practicals. The parts we’ve touched on so far have given me a lot of hope though. This program appeals to me just as much now as it did in theory.

More updates soon, once I have a better idea of what we’re doing. Thanks for reading my blog. It makes me feel connected in a unique way that I cherish.

Deliberating housing questions

I’m having a hard time deciding on where to live next. The options are many, the prices and quality vary dramatically, and the good ones get snapped up before I can even call. Then there are considerations like distance from school, from the grocery store, any gyms/yoga studios nearby, not to mention will I be listening and waking up to train noise or motorway (interstate) noise all the time. I’m really loving village life here in Detling, moving into Maidstone will be quite a change.

Last week I thought I found the perfect thing, after combing through every website I could find. Then when I called I discovered that one had rented months ago. So some websites can’t be trusted.

The one that is currently in the lead is also a good 30-40 minute bike ride each way to school. It’s very close to shopping and entertainment. It also had hardwood, all new appliances, and a private deck and backyard, utilities included! Do I want to be such a hardcore biker? That’s a big commitment. Time to check out the bus routes!

Such great heights

Long distance relationships are hard. Take something awesome, throw in 5044 miles, and see what you get. Sounds like a recipe for loneliness. How are some people are able to sustain relationships over the distance, across land and area codes? Even if you talk everyday, it doesn’t replace the physical contact.

Touch is a key component of my relationship with my partner. We are both very hands-on people, our love language is touch. Right away we had a strong chemistry without words, and that has only grown over the time we’ve been together. A hug, a squeeze of the hand, a kiss; we know so many ways to communicate with each other non-verbally. Snuggling is high on both of our lists. There’s nothing like coming home to read more