My program is great. Mostly I have teachers who really seem to love what they do, to have an investment in Osteopathy and what it is meant to be. They have differing perspectives and a variety of teaching styles, but for the most part they all sound really interested in the future of the profession and creating thinking practitioners who are individuals, practicing according to a strong set of personal values and beliefs, rather than a short list of dogma.

This is only the second week after all.

Soon we’ll get deep into theory, philosophy, and practicals. The parts we’ve touched on so far have given me a lot of hope though. This program appeals to me just as much now as it did in theory.

More updates soon, once I have a better idea of what we’re doing. Thanks for reading my blog. It makes me feel connected in a unique way that I cherish.


2 thoughts on “School

  1. Hey Ashlee. Glad to hear all is going well. Life sounds so exciting and it looks just beautiful. Sounds like it is all falling into place. What luck that you found that place to stay for a while. 3 dogs and chickens. Wahoo.
    Take care

    1. nice to hear from you Christina! how’s Eugene in the fall? what’s your new job? yeah, things are exciting here, getting better as I get more things figured out, learn my way around, and looking like it’s gonna all turn out pretty darn good. I’m so glad I landed here with all the pets, so homey! moving to my own flat soon, can’t wait. :) fill me in on you!

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