Boxley roaming ~

I had big plans for a post a day in October, to join in the WordPress challenge, but having my internet out for a week severely hindered that. I’m still up for it through the end of the month, but we’ll see how that goes.

Yesterday’s weather turned lovely just in time for a walk with friends from school. Partly following printout directions, and partly just following our noses, we wound through fields, orchards, and neighborhoods, eating pears, prunes, and apples we picked up along the way. We were careful to cross the railway only on designated paths (top speeds at 155mph!) and made friends with a couple of horses.

So many nice houses along the paths behind the school, it’s a shame there aren’t any for rent. The beauty of the architecture here is amazing, I’d buy if I was in a position for it.

Through a contact I haven’t even met yet, I found a basement flat that I love and plan to move into sometime in the next 3 weeks. They are at the tail end of remodeling their entire home, the basement needs a few doors hung, appliances installed, and a last bit of carpet laid. Otherwise it’s complete, very nicely redone with hardwood floors in the living room with radiant heat, tiled kitchen and bathrooms (two just for me!), all appliances, and shared use of the back garden. As of now it is a studio. There is a long hallway extending from front to back that passes a huge walled-off room. They are interested in opening this up, but at the time of the remodel it was all too much to bite off so they sealed it, due to the amount of rubble, brick, and dirt that is inside. A big task for the weekend warrior, not so big for a professional, and definitely gives the space a ton of potential, as this bedroom is huge by England standards, and bigger even than the living room of this flat. So for now I get a great rate, and in the future I’ll have a large flat with everything I could possibly need. It’s located in town, between city center and school, so I still plan to cycle for transport. School with be roughly twice as far, or 20-30 minutes one way, but other conveniences like groceries, entertainment, bike shops, etc will be far more accessible. In the meantime they’ve given me the okay to paint and move in big furniture as I acquire it. I can’t wait to get settled in. And it’s only taken me less than 3 weeks to find. I’m feeling quite blessed today.

I will post pictures soon, I didn’t take any at the viewing, but it’ll will be fun to track the progress as the space changes.

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