Holland Road – day 3

This post is for anyone who read my previous post about my new flat, in which I posted some awful pictures of a cute space-in-progress. I have now been living here for three days and really liking it. Especially today when I got a few more pieces of furniture, including a kitchen table, fold-out desk, 2 wooden chairs (that need recovered), and rubbish bin (trash can). All quite exciting. Not much decorating has been done yet. I was hoping to come paint prior to moving in, but due to construction timing, that wasn’t possible. Here is the view from the back, where everything but the toilet is. I live on a semi-busy street, so it’s nice to have that much more space between me and traffic, although it’s not very noisy most of the time. I got the flags at a nearby farmers’ market in Bearsted, similar to Eugene’s Saturday market, but on a 10% scale. The door open to the left goes to the loo.


They have recently painted a minty/sea foam green in there, but I will be changing that. There is no toilet paper holder yet, but the sink handle doubles nicely. A nice tiled floor, don’t look too close though, needs a good mop!


Here is the new view into the sitting room from the hallway. I am borrowing an airbed from a friendly neighbor, the same lady who has been hooking me up with furniture actually. In the built in shelf I have my small collection of books that made the journey. The landlords black chair still resides in my flat for now, since they got stuck trying to take it out the front door!

Here you can see my dresser, compliments of Ben. Good story actually: on my recent trip home I reached silver medallion status with my frequent flyer miles, surprise! This meant I was allowed to check 3 bags free! I wasn’t luggage-prepared, as I only found out when I checked in online the night before, but I did get to take Ben’s duffel. I had also packed my carry-on suitcase inside my regular suitcase on the trip over, so I ended up taking back a lot!
Another travel perk was getting a first class seat from EUG to SLC and getting priority boarding. I felt pretty lucky.

The new desk is probably my new favorite thing, for two reasons: 1) it’s pretty, wooden, old, and solid; 2) it has drawer and cupboards for me to hide things behind! Even though it’s just me here, I really don’t like having everything out in the open, and storing them in a suitcase just doesn’t cut it. The top slanting piece folds out, providing a small workspace, and it even locks with a fantastic old key!

Not much has changed in the shower room yet. Still looking for a shelf to fit perfectly in the corner for some storage space. I had to post this picture though, because I’ve discovered a new, really nice plus to this bathroom: heated towel rack! All I do is switch it on when I turn the shower on, and by the time I’m out it’s fresh-out-of-the-dryer warm. So luxurious! It has about 15 bars across, which all warm up except the very top one. I expect I will use this often as a clothes dryer, as the upstairs only has a washing machine, which I can share. Most people buy a folding rack, but this one heats and isn’t in the middle of the living room!

The kitchen is looking nicer now, with the door hung, sinks covered with my own clutter rather than the contractors, and a few more things in it, like my “new” table. I love the tile top, and it’s quite sturdy. I haven’t gotten to try out the gas hob (stove) yet, as I don’t own any pans, but I will get to that ASAP. I went out shopping last night to discover that stores close at 5:30… ALL OF THEM. Quite a change from home, but I have enough daylight hours off school I’m sure I will adjust shortly. This is where the radiant heating is, under the tiled floor, and I must say, sooo nice! Rather than flinching, I actually slow down and melt a little every time I walk in. :)

So there it is, my new home. I will update again in a month or two after I get some painting done and a bit more furnished! :)


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