As I sat at my dining table, trying to get my critical thinking essay finished this morning, the only thought that kept flashing through my mind was “COFFEE.” Thank every deity that last night I stay up late (yet again) searching the internet, and think I’ve found the best solution to this problem.

The Bialetti Moka Express 6 cup! I heard about it through a friend, some of the nicest coffee I’ve had (and if you know me, that’s really saying something). The debate was between this and a cafetiere (french press), which I also quite like. After reading several blogs and reviews for each, I decide this one makes more sense for me. Here’s why:


  • Easy to clean, simply open, rinse, and let air dry
  • Use on the stove – one step process
  • Requires precise measurement – same cup of coffee everyday
  • Sugar can be incorporated in the brewing process
  • Cute design
  • Unique – if I’ve never seen it before, most of you don’t have one!


  • Mess of coffee grounds – in pitcher, filter, sink…
  • Boil water first, then add – and I don’t have a kettle yet!
  • Makes sense to measure, but how many of us just eyeball it?
  • Attractive yes, but larger and more upkeep

Here’s how it works: the top and bottom sections screw together, so you open it up, and fill the bottom piece to the screw (max fill line) with water. Then you measure your coffee grounds and put them in the hopper (or whatever you might call it in an Italian coffee pot) that sits between the top and bottom sections. Screw the pieces back together, place on the stove on high heat, and don’t walk away! Once the water boils and turns to steam it filters through the coffee into the top section, where it condenses and collects. Once it’s all, or very near, steamed through you remove from heat and pour. Add milk as desired. You can also add sugar to the top before putting it on the heat.

In the end I signed on to, found one just like the one pictured for a very reasonable price, and I expect it by Wednesday. :)


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