Today’s Osteopathic Inspiration

“The challenge is not just about the work, and the delivery of what the patient wants. It’s how far can I stay present and open and aware throughout the treatment, a practice of being present and being available.”

I’ve taken this quote from Sue Turner, an osteopath and alumni of the ESO who has an interview posted on , a website I highly recommend for anyone in the field, interested becoming an osteopath, treating with an osteopath, or learning more about what it is and the philosophy behind it. In this interview Sue makes many references to heavyweights in the field, and parts of it get quite academic. But there are also parts that really resonate with my perspective of my role as a healthcare provider, the innate wisdom of the body, and some radical ways she visualizes her practice. Totally recommend this for my functional methods classmates, if you’re reading! :)


3 thoughts on “Today’s Osteopathic Inspiration

  1. “I don’t know what for each individual is the truth of their portion of the divine nature, but something in them knows… we’re working with a patient towards a common goal, which is their well-being, so if I see myself in that situation as working towards that persons well-being, whatever that may be for them, making myself available to cooperate with the truth of their own, the truth of their health, the truth of the way the divine nature seeks to manifest itself in them as an individual, my place is simply to make myself available to cooperating with what is intending to happen within them for their fulfillment and the fulfillment of their potential. I don’t need to know what that is.”

  2. “It never fails to excite me when I feel the vital force returning to the tissues under my fingers. Some people might call it the breath of life… connection of the individual field with the field of nature… Most osteopaths stumble upon this feeling, of life returning to the tissue, and when this happens, you can’t but fall in love with it, and it becomes almost like a sort of addiction. It’s so beautiful to have a direct sensory experience of life, breathing, the living.”

  3. Good post… Just killing some time rubbaging around and found your page. Nice looking blog. I’ll hate to add the page to come back and see what’s new. Cheers

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