For christmas I’m getting LOVE

This time of year means so many things to different people. Traditions, gifts, family, travel, food, remembering the year behind, looking ahead to the next. The world around us changes pace, the rhythm quickens, people smile at strangers, hold doors, and sing carols. I enjoy this time of year, but for me it is not a religious celebration or a holiday of materialism. I anticipate time with family and friends, good attitudes, community spirit, generosity, and light-heartedness.

This year I won’t be having the big family celebration I’m used to. I’ve had a slower start, less momentum getting into the holiday spirit. Today though, christmas eve, I feel it. Tomorrow morning I will wake up and drive to pick up my sweetheart, who has worked hard for months to make sure to spend this week with me. I’m such a lucky girl. I can’t think of a better gift! After months of transitioning into a foreign environment, nothing could make me happier than spending the day with someone who already knows who I am and loves me. Exciting. Relieving. Relaxing. Wonderful.

I only have a few things left to do to be ready. Time to get crackin’!

You provide another opportunity for me to learn and grow every time we meet, and you are important to me. Thank you for being my friend. I hope that this christmas you feel happy and loved and full of light.

In the wise words of Rumi:

When you seek love with all your heart
You shall find its echoes all across the universe.

Be certain in the religion of Love
There are no believers or unbelievers.
Love embraces all.


One thought on “For christmas I’m getting LOVE

  1. Wonderful, Ukashe! And, Rumi also penned:
    “O tongue, you are an endless treasure,
    O tongue, you are also an endless disease”.

    Totally relish the photograph (or is it a painting?), regardless, the two silouettes make it an endless treasure in th image. So stunning. Cheers.

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