So much to do in the new year! Coming up I have an essay due every two weeks for the next two months. I have two practical exams at the end of term two, meaning I have to practice as much and as often as I can to be up to snuff when they call my name. First exam working on someone other than a classmate, scary/exciting business, that. Rearranging the home space to incorporate the man and his effects. Working to maintain my emotional serenity and manage my thought patterns, focus on my potential to succeed. Sitting here feeling like a chipmunk with full cheeks, reminding myself that I can accomplish all of the big things I’ve bitten off, wondering how I’m gonna swallow this cracker without a big glass of water. Lots of work to be done, none of it unsolicited. I asked for this, and want it all, just have to remember to enjoy it while it’s happening and make space for the rest of what keeps me grounded. Looking forward to some bicycle adventures in the coming months, travel to hot climates, and upgrades in all spheres. 2012, here I come!!


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