Adventure 1: Eugene

First adventure of the year: HOME!!

As the first half of second term was winding down, and my week off was getting closer and closer, all of the ideas were swirling: Stonehenge, Folkstone, Calais, Paris, Wales. As I pondered, each got vetoed for one major reason: I don’t want to travel alone. I considered going home, but I’ve already been there, is that an adventure?

By the end of the week though, I realized that I wasn’t going anywhere unless I made up my mind ASAP, and home was calling to my heart. So I booked a ticket, threw a few things in a bag, and ran down to catch the train to London in about 90 minutes. Typical me!

image 1Home was fantastic! Central to this trip was relationship maintenance, spending quality time with my love, being sweet to each other, remembering the best things, and clearing our spirits of some of the circumstantial stresses that come from long distance. We spent four blissful days at The Nest, HIGHLY recommend it, quiet, cozy, and guest-friendly in every detail.

image 0                    image 2

Drove to Portland to surprise-visit family, and was disappointed to find that my sisters were both out of town, but we still had a nice visit with my brother, brother-in-law, and niece & nephew, cooking food, playing darts, and taking it easy. Back in Eugene we spent some time sorting, planning, moving things around, and took time for a sauna and dinners with friends and family. Stayed our last night at the River Walk Inn, a gorgeous Victorian house in the neighborhood where my sweetie grew up.

Now I’m back in my England home, unpacking two more suitcases of my familiar American things, feeling renewed and happy. And the best part: my sweetheart arrives next week!


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