Costa Rica part 1: The Beach

Leaving for Costa Rica was so exciting. New country to add to my list, a first time visit, so I was extra pumped. Based on flights, we left a day after we planned, which gave us time to see another sight or two in NYC, as well as to plan a little bit more, and feel a little more relaxed before traveling. We flew out of La Guardia airport in the wee hours.

Our layover in Atlanta was a little more stressful. From our lonely planet guide book (which I highly recommend) we discovered that an exit ticket is needed to be allowed into the country, technically. However they rarely check if you enter via airport. We bought one-way tickets Continue reading



New York was a whirlwind.

I showed up fresh off a move that came right down to the wire, getting furniture out of the house, packing suitcases to take, suitcases to store, selling what household goods weren’t coming with. Thanks to my amazing friends, I was able to pull it off and arrived on a Thursday night.

Flying in to JFK just after dark was an experience of itself! Partly due to the excitement of the impending reunion to be sure, and also just for the sheer joy of Continue reading