New York was a whirlwind.

I showed up fresh off a move that came right down to the wire, getting furniture out of the house, packing suitcases to take, suitcases to store, selling what household goods weren’t coming with. Thanks to my amazing friends, I was able to pull it off and arrived on a Thursday night.

Flying in to JFK just after dark was an experience of itself! Partly due to the excitement of the impending reunion to be sure, and also just for the sheer joy of my first visit to the Big Apple, I was ecstatic. Couldn’t have done without that window seat and real-time flight mapping to tell me what I was looking at. (Thanks Delta!) Coming in over Newfoundland covered in snow, looking out over Cape Cod, approaching Montauk (meet me in Montauk, thanks Eternal Sunshine) and the Hamptons, and finally flying over the city lights, guessing the stadiums, admiring the long bridges, imagining who was driving below.

While in New York we stayed at the Hotel Deauville, B’s incredible find on east 29th and Park Avenue. Nothing better than waking up your first morning in the city, walking downstairs and across the street to a fabulous breakfast of whatever you feel like at the Bread & Butter Market, and then a short walk or subway ride to everything you want to see.

We wandered down the road that day, heading for a landmark and seeing so many more along the way. The public library, while not as user-friendly and inviting as the ones I’m used to, was epically beautiful, more like a museum. Down the street we asked a group of helpful men in vests if they could point us toward the Empire State Building, to which they replied by pointing straight up. Turns out we were standing in front of it. We decided to forgo the trip to the top, and continued on to see Times Square, the New York Times office, Central Park, Union Station, the Chrysler Building, and ended the day on the Brooklyn Bridge. It would be an understatement to say my first day in NYC was quite full!

The next day was spent more focused on future plans, repacking and organizing our travel package, researching options for mailing belongings home without us, and finally enjoying each others company.

The third day in the city we Fed Ex-ed 3 suitcases home, and did a bit more touring. Our goal was the Staten Island Ferry, to see Lady Liberty. It’s amazing how long it takes to walk down 5th Avenue though, mostly due, again, to landmarks and sights-to-see: the Flatiron Building, Madison Square Park, Union Square, Metronome, etc. We finally got there, and thanks to the tax-payers of New York, the ride was free. We had a great ride over, spent a little time walking on Staten Island, and had amazing city views right at dusk on our way back in. Another amazing day.

Later that night we went to Brooklyn to meet a grade school friend of B’s for dinner. Along the way we had to stop and take pictures of amazing architecture. Dinner was incredible! We were invited to try a little Italian spot on Dekalb Street, called Roman’s. Since our friend is a regular and knows the staff we got the VIP treatment: sparkling red wine, appetizers, desserts, and samplers of almost the entire menu of entrees. It was elegant and delicious, definitely on my recommend list. Our host was fantastic as well, warm and engaging.

While the time spent was short, the adventure was big. Lots of sights and good food, my first time in this big city, and reuniting with B made for a memorable and sweet experience.


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