We flew from San Juan to Boston, where we spent a couple of days regrouping just north of the city. It was great to be back in the US to do things like laundry without any concern over details. We found a fantastic sandwich shop next door, where the customer service was fantastic, the accents were sublime, and the meat was in abundance. I definitely approve of the East Coast hot pastrami! Then there was a shredded duffle bag to replace (but thanks JetBlue for the $100 gift card!) and a drop-in haircut at the beauty academy while B phone-interviewed for a job in Bainbridge Island.

By the time we were put back together, we had made plans to meet with the folks there, and caught a train north. We landed in Newburyport, MA, where we walked to a sweet little ice cream shop and had an old-timey lunch. Then we walked to a lovely park, which made me reflect on the name “new England.” From there we were picked up and taken to the home of our hosts. We spent the next several days in conversation with them about their space, their needs and ours, and talking plans. In between we had some time to go into the town, had dinner on the patio of a nice place, saw a little bit of the waterfront, and got a general feel of the area.

Unfortunately we arrived at a very busy time for our hosts, so rather than drive up to Vermont to see the property needing stewardship, they were hoping to set us to work on some tasks around their home. At the one week mark we decided we weren’t digging the flow, and decided to move on and continue our interviewing process, and packed up back to Boston.

This time we got a Zipcar and tooled around the city a bit. We found a nice park with squirrels, bridges, and acro-yogis to make us feel at home. The next morning bright and early we flew out, Seattle-bound.


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