happened across this blog today from nationalpost.com. Sounds like the writer found some of the best of Eugene. Makes me miss the tempeh! :)

National Post | Life

A while back, I hopped on a plane to Portland, Ore., and then rode a bicycle 178 km down to Eugene — it was part of a sustainable cycling tour, featuring vegan food, composting toilet demonstrations and sleepovers at organic farms along the way.

Portland lived up to the Portlandia hype: It was full of left-leaning hippies, independent bookstores and progressive politics. But what I didn’t realize is that little Eugene (population 150,000, technically the second-biggest city in the state), takes this to a whole other level. As an example, the city’s motto in 2005 was, “World’s Greatest City for the Arts and Outdoors,” but residents felt it was too strongly worded a claim, so in 2010 it was dialled down to “A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors.”


And indeed it is. The outdoors, especially, makes quite an impact — Eugene is nicknamed Track Town because it’s…

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