A bit of meaty content…

Hello readers!
Thanks for checking in with me from time to time. This blog is approaching it’s second year (gasp!) and I have been writing lite and contemplating where it is going. This parallels my life and goals as well. It feels appropriate to keep it going, as my plans are starting to shape up into something resembling the beginning scenario when I decided blogging was going to be useful.

Does that make sense?

What I mean to say is, I’ve decided to apply for school again! To Bastyr University, one of the leading naturopathic schools.

The program is strong; exciting. They teach physical medicine, a surprising amount of it! The campus is inspiring and comfortably small (like Boxley!). They teach nutrition, counseling, botanical medicine, compounding, homeopathy. The nutrition kitchen looks straight out of a cooking show, and is the classroom where I can create organic, whole-food, non-gmo meals. The entire campus is committed to that in fact, cafeteria included. I can join a campus club that gets together to compound organic tinctures, lip balms, and whatever else we can make from dried herbs from the campus gardens.

There will be sciences of course. My background. I’m still amazed, 10 years after starting college, how fortuitous my class choices have been. Thank you 17 year old self! My path has been winding, but the number of times I haven’t been prepared for the next turn: 0. Amazing!

The cons:
the one hour commute each way, bus-ferry-bus. Or drive. If I can’t work it out.
it’ll take 4 years. the farm job is 3 years, yes. but by the time I start (inshallah) it’ll be 1-down.
it’s full time. 40 hours a week. plus homework!
the student loans. work study jobs are available, but the offset is relatively small.


will that stop me? no. I will send in my application as soon as I can manage to put together a writing sample that demonstrates to the admissions board why I am a candidate who will succeed in this program.

somehow writing this is one of the scariest things for me. I don’t doubt my ability to finish the course, to meet the task, overcome challenges. But faced with a blank box on an application asking for 500 words on why I’m suitable? Anxiety, avoidance, and distraction-creation!

what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-me syndrome.

Last time I went through this I was fortunate to have help with my process. The obvious conclusion is to call her again, ask for help, and get coached through the process so I can submit a timely application. Or at least put pen to paper.

So there you have it world. I am going back to school. I considered waiting to tell you until I was actually admitted, but you, my friends, are good to me, supportive, and constructive. So I am extending to you this information. Sharing the scary part of my process. Pushing through this obstacle and on to the next phase of this life I’ve been given. Thanks for sharing it with me.


One thought on “A bit of meaty content…

  1. Yay! How exciting and what an interesting sounding curriculum and campus. I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to hear more!

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