So it’s 2013 and the school apps are in! One to Bastyr University in greater Seattle, and one to NCNM in Portland. Yes, back to Oregon. I did a campus visit to Bastyr and got very excited, love their campus, but I am

an Oregonian at heart and would love to move back too, so either way I’d win!

NCNM says my app is complete. Bastyr wants ESO transcripts, so that, like anything in the British system, will take some time. Hopefully interviews will follow shortly.

How does one prepare for said interviews? I feel like now is the time to be reading up on what’s new in naturopathy, medical, legal, etc. Should I buy a suit? Learn a song? Up my volunteer hours? It’s all very nerve-wracking.

In other news, on recommendation I’ve started reading Growing Vegetables west of the Cascades. Looking forward to an earlier start to gardening this year, and potentially keeping up with one year-round. My kale is lonely and would love the company. :)

Life is mellow in the north. Winter has been subdued and peaceful. Hope lambs will be born soon! Then I will know spring is around the corner.

Love to all, until next time.



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