Life Plan 2.0 – and why patience causes anxiety

Hey world –

Okay, I know, the whole world doesn’t follow my blog. But you’re here! Yup, this one’s for you!

I’m writing to let you know that I’ve been accepted at NCNM, the National College of Natural Medicine! So excited! Thrilled!!



I’ve also discovered that waiting for the final word is more difficult that I realized. Crazy making. Causing me to question all sorts of things about myself. To wonder what they were thinking. Obsessively. Why they were taking so long. Why they gave me feedback the first time, but not the second. Yeah, I had two interviews. Never heard of that? Me neither! It made me anxious. I thought they both went great, but then there’s the worry, if the first one was so great, why have another… You see where I went with that one.

So after nearly two weeks of this, I got the call, followed shortly by the letter. It’s official, I am a student!

Then next update is less life-plan, more adventure-filling-in-life-plan-gaps. Once I got accepted, the next question was funding. They say working in Alaska for the summer pays great. Most of “them” are working on fishing boats, whereas I’ve never been to Alaska, much less had amazing luck with catching fish! But my first look at SE Alaska craigslist gave me a couple of cool leads, and I applied to work on cruise ships. Not Carnival or Celebrity Cruises. This is the PNW people, we do plaid and beards. No, these are adventure cruise boats, complete with kayaks, BBQ’s, and sea fishing poles. Here you’ll start to see the pattern. Yup, got an interview. And then waited.

The issue is, they always tell you how long you have to wait. If they say “we’ll let you know in 1-2 weeks” then you know you’ll hear from then in 13.5 days. And when they say “I’ll let you know by the end of the week,” you know that means they’ll email in 8 days. They meant the end of next week. This gives you plenty of time to count, get it written on (all of) your calendar(s), tell all your closest friends and have them counting too, and of course obsess daily. By the last day, you’ve pretty much resigned yourself to the fact that you’re just not gonna cut it.

And then they accept you.

Of course this feels great, and  you switch right back into I-knew-I-could-do-it mode. Natch.



Back to the point, I got the Alaska job too! The good one even! This means June-August I will be a stewardess on a luxury cruise line, essentially making the trip easy and enjoyable for the 8-12 passengers on each of the ten 7-day excursions. Beds and heads they call it. Making beds, sanitizing bathrooms. I also get to serve meals and drinks, offer blankets and chairs, and be generally good girl friday. I’ve done this before. Never in the pristine waters of the north Pacific though. Apparently whales are abundant, as are bears and glaciers. The ship is 70′, which means we get to check out the smaller bays and inlets that larger ships can’t get into. I’ve never been to Alaska, but the great outdoors is something that never gets old, and seeing something I’ve never seen before pretty much always tops my list! Plus I get to visit with family on days off! I can’t think of a better way to spend the summer.

With all of these changes looming, I’m about to get very busy. I know I’ve been remiss about regular updates, but then my purpose for starting the blog fell through rather completely. Now that I’m on track again, career-wise (and summer-adventure-wise), I’m looking forward to more frequent scribbles about the up and downs, celebrations and frustrations. I hope you’ll join me. Feel free to subscribe and read along as I go. Or just check in from time to time and catch up on the quarter. If you comment, I’ll always try to respond.

Looking forward to things to come. Thanks for sharing the journey.




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