Yesterday I palpated the coccyx

They say the low back and pelvis are the hardest to palpate. And we’ll have to do it all the time. So we start there and work our way to the other, easier areas.

Yesterday was sacrum and coccyx. In case you don’t use these terms everyday, that’s very low back and tailbone. The first reaction, pretty much unanimously, was something like ‘ugh’ but it was actually quite interesting, relatively simple, and surprisingly variable! My first partner had a very obvious sacrum but hard-to-feel lumbar spine, which was exactly opposite what I expected, since the spine has SP’s (spinous processes) that stick out and are generally quite palpable. My second parter had a sacrum with a right torsion, and she is an ectomorph (thin, lanky) so it felt like a very large bump at the lower right end of her sacrum, and almost no coccyx palpable. My third partner was quite simple to feel all of the bony landmarks. Amazing how vastly different the same (assumably) structures can feel from one person to the next. Anatomic variability is really quite diverse, and yet still similar in very important ways.

Today we study more physiology. And probably do out practice exam. Wish me luck!