Holland Road – Month 3

Changes continue to happen around here, although the pace for me has slowed. Having help over the past few weeks helped get the ball rolling faster again. I can only take minor credit for the latest developments, but I’m really excited about…

Coat hooks!

Keeps the back of my bedroom door from looking like I’ve hung a body from it, puts coats and helmet near the door where I want them, and such a better use of space! I’m so glad it wasn’t up to me to put anchors and screws into the sheetrock-stone combo of that wall.

The entry and exit got make-overs as well. The visionary moved the gravel, rubbish, and leaves, so that the threshold can be crossed leaving the outside outside.

Also got a set of dressers. I can’t show them to you as they are being utilized now, due to clutter and mess, but I’m sure you can picture them stacked with books, candles, and cards as you view them circa a couple of weeks ago. ;)

Thought it might be time to share with you “doing the washing – UK style.”

The resolution is bad, but I think it’s clear that this rack is layered with practically a whole load. The only reason this works is the heated rack, which I thought was awesome in theory, and is exponentially more useful in practice.

The lovely man bought me gorgeous flowers. Shelley, I warned him…

I owe you before and after pictures of the garden, but those will also not have credits to me under the photos. We made it to the back half before the landlord, sans machete. The path leads through the long narrow “lawn,” through a gate, past the tool shed, under an arbor, through a tree, around a bush, past a pond, through the roses to the back fence, where we can watch the high speed trains go by like ninjas. That is not a joke, all of that is really out there. It’s only half a jungle now, but still wild. :)


Market day

Went to the Saturday flea market today, found more dishes to match the ones I bought there a couple of weeks ago… from the same lady! Guess she was holding out on me. Also makes me wonder if I’ll ever find the dinner plates to go with my bowls and saucers.

I did find some dinner plates, not matching the rest, but cute and affordable, £1 for 6. Okay for now. Kinda 70’s chic.

I went to my favorite Russian patisserie vendor for bread, but as it was already late they were out of whole wheat and everything else. So I got a treat instead.

I also found a knife-sharpening steel, citrus juicer, knitting needle set in a roll up pouch, Being A Photographer book, fresh pears, and free range eggs.

Also this week, my bathroom cabinet arrived. It is now assembled and moved into the shower room, replacing the shoe box to hold toiletries.


Organic coffee and quinoa delivery came yesterday from my new favorite online sustainable grocer, Abel & Cole. Now just waiting for Amazon to get me my Bialetti! :)

Weekend wellbeing

It’s been a good one. Dinner with friends, practice/study with a friend, flea & farmers market, lots more shopping, and finally last night got loads of sleep. I have a full fridge, more of the mundane necessaries for daily life, and furniture on the way. This coming weekend I’ll get to see two very good friends from far away. I’m pleased with all that I’ve accomplished. Now if only this scientific method essay would write itself…

Holland Road – day 3

This post is for anyone who read my previous post about my new flat, in which I posted some awful pictures of a cute space-in-progress. I have now been living here for three days and really liking it. Especially today when I got a few more pieces of furniture, including a kitchen table, fold-out desk, 2 wooden chairs (that need recovered), and rubbish bin (trash can). All quite exciting. Continue reading

Boxley roaming ~

I had big plans for a post a day in October, to join in the WordPress challenge, but having my internet out for a week severely hindered that. I’m still up for it through the end of the month, but we’ll see how that goes.

Yesterday’s weather turned lovely just in time for a walk with friends from school. Partly following printout directions, and partly just following our noses, Continue reading