Photos from the Farmers Market

Shops on the Green.

Bearsted February market.

One of the fabulous houses, Bearsted, Kent.

With purchases in front of the crooked house. Pheasant feathers from the game guy.


Summited x 2 !

Last week I got a 5-day weekend. To celebrate, on Friday I did a big hike. 13 miles actually. What a day for it!

Finn and I headed up to Mt June, and discovered a logging project just below the trailhead. They were kind enough to move the heavy machinery out of the road to let us roll through, and also serenaded us at the first lookout. We caught up with a family of hikers there who saw a black bear on their drive in!

The view from the top was amazing, such a clear day, we could see for miles. But since we were on a mission, Continue reading

Travelling with Pets

So many things to shuffle into some sort of order, but I’m getting really excited about the next leg of my journey. I’m less thrilled with the process of quarantine and preparing pets to travel. With two cats and a dog currently, it’s something I have to think about, but finding solutions hasn’t been easy.

I don’t plan to travel with the cats. My sister will take hers, and hopefully I can rehome my Amos with a friend so I can at least visit him, but I don’t expect to have a lot of spare time for care-taking once I’ve begun my studies.

The dog is a different story. Continue reading

Early spring hikes

Hello out there,
To start, let me show you where I’ve been lately.

A week ago Thursday, 4/21, I took Finn out to Mt June for a sunny hike. Little did I know, the last 3.5 miles of road was patchy with snow. Rather than get my little truck stuck I decided to hike in. We caught some gorgeous views, enjoyed some of the last  snow fall, and made it down quite soggy and sore. Continue reading

Here goes…

Here it is, the shiny new blog I’ve been talking about. Putting my money where my mouth is, getting this thing off the ground, and hopefully it does all the things I hope.

Why I want to blog:

* To keep my family and friends up-to-date on my travels to and in Europe, as well as this preceding summer.

* To have a place where I can write descriptions and stories, where people can choose to follow if they want to.

* To avoid re-telling details, as well as forgetting to or not having time to update each person individually.

* To keep a journal of this huge transition in my life, even a public one!

So for today, just a welcome. Thanks for visiting my page. Stay tuned for more interesting content, pictures, and travel plans to come! Next post: last weeks snowy hike up Mt June and my coastal weekend.