Market day

Went to the Saturday flea market today, found more dishes to match the ones I bought there a couple of weeks ago… from the same lady! Guess she was holding out on me. Also makes me wonder if I’ll ever find the dinner plates to go with my bowls and saucers.

I did find some dinner plates, not matching the rest, but cute and affordable, £1 for 6. Okay for now. Kinda 70’s chic.

I went to my favorite Russian patisserie vendor for bread, but as it was already late they were out of whole wheat and everything else. So I got a treat instead.

I also found a knife-sharpening steel, citrus juicer, knitting needle set in a roll up pouch, Being A Photographer book, fresh pears, and free range eggs.

Also this week, my bathroom cabinet arrived. It is now assembled and moved into the shower room, replacing the shoe box to hold toiletries.


Organic coffee and quinoa delivery came yesterday from my new favorite online sustainable grocer, Abel & Cole. Now just waiting for Amazon to get me my Bialetti! :)


Weekend wellbeing

It’s been a good one. Dinner with friends, practice/study with a friend, flea & farmers market, lots more shopping, and finally last night got loads of sleep. I have a full fridge, more of the mundane necessaries for daily life, and furniture on the way. This coming weekend I’ll get to see two very good friends from far away. I’m pleased with all that I’ve accomplished. Now if only this scientific method essay would write itself…

Holland Road – day 3

This post is for anyone who read my previous post about my new flat, in which I posted some awful pictures of a cute space-in-progress. I have now been living here for three days and really liking it. Especially today when I got a few more pieces of furniture, including a kitchen table, fold-out desk, 2 wooden chairs (that need recovered), and rubbish bin (trash can). All quite exciting. Continue reading

Holland Road

Only a contract away from my new basement flat! The complete bottom floor of a refurbished terraced house near downtown Maidstone, it has a lot of potential. The pictures give an estimate, but as the owners haven’t finished their work yet, it’s far from complete. Once they finish I will be doing some painting, furnishing obviously, and then trying my hand at decorating. I have big ideas for the place, and a rare opportunity to begin all new. I’ve been looking into sofa beds, as it’s a studio now, with a large bedroom to be remodeled sometime in the next several months. Also trying to dream up a good color scheme. After spending so much time in warm, comfortable spaces designed by Linda O. over the past few years, I have a feeling in mind more than a palate. Hopefully I can hit my mark! Let’s do a virtual tour! Continue reading