Happy New Year

The holidays are over. Another new year begun. Another birthday.

Yes, I’m 29. How does it feel? I feel like the seed buried in the soil. I can feel the warmth from the sunlight, penetrating through the ground, not directly on my skin. I feel the weight of the earth on all sides. The closeness, the tight space. Everything is here, water, nutrients, light. This is my time to meet the challenge of this place, find my strength, and grow into something new.


I had a Saturn return reading in November. My first astrology reading ever. I found it less instructive, more validating. Acknowledging where I am and what I feel. Warning that the struggle is not over yet. Advising me to find a safe place and support myself so that I can weather the coming months, and emerge stronger when my sun comes out. I find this sort of realism so comforting.

I’ve also been watching The Universe. Wow! Have you watched this yet? Blows my mind over and over again! I highly recommend it, and if you have netflix, you’re set to go.

the universe


Resolutions aren’t really my thing, at least not in a traditional sense. Lately I’ve been musing on generosity though, and gratitude keeps popping up as well. So for this year, or starting now until the lessons have been integrated, these two things are my meditation. What are your resolutions?

Going into this new year, I want to thank you all for your love and support, the wealth of birthday wishes, and the depth of spirit you share. Let’s share more love and laughter in the months to come. Happy new year!



How to get grounded Series: Get emotionally grounded

Reblogging a wonderful page I follow, How to get grounded Series: Get emotionally grounded. Timely advice for me right now, as life has been hard in 2012, juggling life stresses, and being too cerebral, staying too much in my mind, not spending enough time in my heart and in my body. I recommend you go to the original blog and read the whole article, but here are the highlights:

How to tell if you’re not grounded:


You don’t feel very stable.

You don’t know how to feel, and often just react on impulse.

Your inner dialogue (the way you talk to yourself in your mind) is not very nice (to say the least).

You find it hard to accept your own feelings or anyone elses feelings.

Suddenly, another persons opinion of you becomes very important.

You get defensive.

You feel indecisive about your life. From big life decisions (should I stay or should I go?) to the smaller, but equally important, ones (What do I want for lunch?). You want to decide, but you justdon’t know!

People keep hurting your feelings.

It’s hard to fall asleep/ stay asleep/ wake up.

You think it’s a great idea to think about the most stressful and emotional things right before you sleep.

You feel very sensitive to other people’s moods and energies, often finding yourself riding their mood swings, just trying to keep afloat.

 (**I recently read in the AMAZING 10/10 book “Difficult Conversations – Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen” that “Crying a lot doesn’t mean that you are express yourself too much. It means you don’t express yourself enough.” So true!)

You cry too much.

You don’t cry at all. (Whichever is more stranger for you)

You feel stressedoverwhlemeduninspiredlazy (even though you have a voice in your head telling you to get up and get going – you just can’t make yourself do it.)

Everything that happens to you just feels unsatisfying.

And what to do about it:
1: Let go of toxic people, relationships, and things
2: Do loving things
3: Practice random acts of kindness
4: Write down a list of what is truly bothering you
5: Spend time with a great and happy friend
6: Hand over your problems to the universe to kick some divine butt
7: Start a new project
8: Think about what YOU want
9: Work on developing a stronger sense of self
10: Do little things you like doing
11: Make some new commitments and promises to yourself
Some of these are so obvious, I kick myself for not reminding myself to do them since I recommend them to others all the time. Some of them are hard for me to remember, hard for me to do. (Hand over my problems? But I need an answer, I’ve been working and trying and focusing for weeks! I want to see results!)  But ultimately I always find it’s a relief to do these things. Just reading them makes me feel better. Tonight I had a date with one of my new friends, dinner and a movie. Great to get out and laugh, enjoy the company, and hopefully a little of her groundedness rubbed off on me. ;)