Starting to settle

So much is happening in my life right now, it’s hard to know what to put on a page.

Starting week six of the program, already more than halfway through the first term! It’s incredible what they can teach you in that amount of time, the information just comes hurtling in on a daily basis. Two tests already this week, thank heavens I studied anatomy in undergrad!


A few stats:

Courses: 10 (5 lecture, 5 lab)

Credits: 21.75

Classes per day: 2-3

Distance from home: 1.8 miles

Exams completed: 7

Exams looming: 10

Avg class size: 18 or 100


This past weekend I got to move into my new home. Two helpers and three trips to storage. Now I have more of my things and a bedroom of my own, to organize in the coming weeks. Besides a desk and a dog, I think I have basically all I need.



Looming deadlines…

Greenwich High Road, London.

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Well, here I am, working closer to my alleged departure date, and still things are unclear. Can’t get a visa without financial aid (proof I can afford to live without state aid). Can’t get financial aid processed without applying (European School of Osteopathy accepted me, but apparently I have to complete the whole application process with U of Greenwich as well, who knew?!). So now I wait for my 2nd application to be accepted so I can get financial aid numbers for the visa committee. Continue reading