Finally, progress!

Good news to report: Tomorrow I go into the application support center to provide my biometrics, i.e. finger prints and passport photo for my UK visa. Yesterday I filled out my online visa application, today my visa paperwork (appendix) that gets mailed to the British consulate in NYC. Now I wait for confirmation emails from my advisers at my schools to confirm I’m not required to send in official loan paperwork and my official diploma from UO. There are disclaimers that students from low-risk nationalities (including USA) applying to highly trusted sponsors (including University of Greenwich) may not HAVE to send originals, but must travel with them in case they want to inspect them. I prefer not to send my diploma, I only have one! :)

Surfers abound near Huntington City Pier

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Dollars, pounds, and other currency…

I’m starting to get some serious butterflies about my looming move and the approaching deadlines. I’m waiting for a housing/classmate list in July, a reply from the U of Greenwich regarding financial aid and what my next step is to find my US government aid amount, which precedes visa applications, which precedes plane-ticket-buying, etc etc. I feel like it’s all going to be a cascade effect, but I’m still stuck at step one.

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